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"I don't just play music...I entertain!" is the first line that comes out of Vincente Sierra's mouth when asked about what he does.  A DJ since the age of 15 and son of a former DJ in NYC, the man now known as DJ Split Image is passionate about making sure people go home remembering him and the great night they had.


That drive has provided him the ability to be able to garner 8 different awards including 4 different awards recognizing him as the Best DJ in the Central New York area.  A man of many skills, he also runs his own online radio station, Firing Squad Network, hosts his online live mix show, the Audio Assault Mix Show which broadcasts live every Friday Night from 6pm-8pm on the Firing Squad Network, is the founder of the Firing Squad DJ's coalition, and is also part of Family House Entertainment.


"El Magnifico", as he likes to call himself, seeks to keep his movement growing and is looking to expand his online work.  He is currently actively seeking writers for the website, as well as other personalities/DJ's to host shows on the Firing Squad Network.

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