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Why so silent.....let me explain...

So, theres been alot of things going on personally with me thats caused the Audio Assault Mix Show to not have been on the air consistently for the last month.  Heres the story.....We are in the process of moving....simple as that.  We're moving the weekend of October 15th to a new home and were all excited but it also is a little maddening with all the packing, so what I'm planning is that by October 28th, i should have everything back up and running so the show will be back in full effect and be the best weekly show that all my supporters deserve.  

I'm also working on developing my Youtube Channel to feature interviews with up and coming artists from both around upstate NY and eventually nationwide.  More details will be coming on that shortly, most likely after the move.

So with that being said, make sure you keep listening to Firing Squad Network by visiting or downloading the TuneIn app and searching for Firing Squad Network.

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