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When it rains it pours.....

Well, we just get back into the swing of things and then things get hectic again. For those who don't know me personally, I've always had a close relationship with my brothers, and unfortunately, my middle brother, Reuben, passed away from complications due to Cancer on Feb. 18th. It's been a rough couple of weeks since then (still emotional as I type this), but I'm lucky to have my wife and daughter to help me through these times. My wife in particular has been my rock through this whole thing because she just lost her beloved grandmother a little less than a year ago to Cancer also. So, after having the time to mourn, and having someone right by my side that knows exactly how I feel and knows how to comfort and help rebuild my emotions (and because my brother wouldn't want the world to stop because of him, he was selfless like that) I'm getting back on my grind.

With renewed purpose

The Audio Assault Mix Show will be back in effect this coming Friday (March 17th, 2017). I'm gonna turn all the way up just like my brother loved to watch me do in the clubs, with the best of everything Urban/Latin/Caribbean from 6:30pm-8:00pm exclusively at Keep it locked on Firing Squad Network as we stream all those genres 24/7 and give you all the latest and greatest.

Working on some club nights so stay tuned for more party info coming shortly.

Shout out to WackGenius for having me be their DJ during their performance as they opened up for D.R.A.M. March 3rd @ Ithaca College. Check out music by the WackGenius duo of Damiano the Don & Yvng Pluto both as a group and as solo artists by looking them up on Soundcloud.

These updates will be more regular now that I'm back on my bully....I appreciate all of your support and look forward to picking up where I left off as the lit, 7x award winning DJ ya'll all know and love.

Ya Boy,

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