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What's good everyone! Ya boy is back with the usual updates and stuff to keep ya'll in the loop.

So first off, I need to apologize for the inconsistency with the Audio Assault Mix Show, been dealing with some things with my father's health and that has caused me to prioritize family first (ALWAYS!). It's in the spirit of helping my parents that I've started a GoFundMe to help them with the medical expenses that they've been racking up with all the in and out of the hospital that's been happening. If you could take a moment to either donate whatever you can or at the very least share the link I'd appreciate it very much!

You can donate at the following link - GoFundMe Site

With that being said, I think we're headed in the right direction now, so I should be starting things back up beginning this coming Saturday, Feb. 4th. As always you can catch the Audio Assault Mix Show LIVE every Saturday from 7pm-9pm Eastern, exclusively on the CAFFEINE platform by either downloading the Caffeine app and following DJ Split Image there or by visiting

OH! And check the new promo video I made for the show! I've posted it on my socials so if you follow me on IG/Twitter/Tiktok/Snapchat @DJSplitImage I'd appreciate it if you shared the video to your timelines as well!

Second, this monthly special event @ The Range is going very well so we ain't stopping and for the month of February, we're gonna make it a special one....

I'm going to work on establishing "Winter Fresh" as an annual event where anything and everything could happen and you'll have to come through to find out exactly what goes down. In addition, the musical genres are going be very much in the vein of what you'd expect going to any of the major hotspots in NYC (being an NYC native, I know plenty about that) so it's not just about the bangers, but also the creativity, and doing things different from the norm. In short, if you ONLY want to hear the songs you have in your Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon Music/Etc. playlists, then stay home because this is definitely NOT going to be that! So check out the flyer and make sure to come through because this will be quite the Event!

That's it for now. Love your only get one!

Ya boy,

DJ Split Image

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