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Off for the holidays but the New Year is in TROUBLE!!

So I'm taking time off for the Holiday season, but 2023 we starting off causing HAVOC!!!

First off, The Audio Assault Mix Show will return for it's 15th year, and all this time, it's been a hobby for me, just something to do for fun and to exercise the skills a little bit. This year though, we turning up the pressure. The goal is to make it a recognized brand across Central NY and we're gonna promote HAAAARD. Anyone not in the area that likes what I do and wants to support, it's real simple, just subscribe to me on Caffeine at, like the broadcast when I'm live and most importantly SHARE THE BROADCAST!!!

Second....THE KING IS BACK @ THE RANGE! We shaking the whole Commons and ya'll want to be there for it! Flyer is below.....

There's so much more but we gonna leave some in the chamber.....I'm FULLY LOADED this out for.....

Ya boy,

DJ Split Image

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