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#SummerOfSplit2023 IS THE HASHTAG!!!

Yep, we off to the races this summer already! Let's start off with the next two weeks at my favorite Monthly spot....THE RANGE NIGHTCLUB in Ithaca!

FRIDAY MAY 26th & FRIDAY JUNE 2nd it's definitely a full on lituation!


JUNE 3rd I'll be participating in the Ithaca Festival Silent Disco on The Commons in Downtown Ithaca, once I get my time slot locked in I'll let ya'll know but just know I'm bringing pain for my hour set! You don't wanna miss that!

I have some other private events lined up, like Weddings and things, but the other HUGE event coming up is...........MY BIRTHDAY BASH!

That's going down July 1st, yes, again at The Range Nighclub, and I'm bringing some friends with me! It's gonna be THE EVENT OF THE SUMMER!!!

Some more things in the works....stay tuned....this Summer is gonna be a HOT ONE!!!

Ya boy,

DJ Split Image

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