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Turning up again this week online!!

Audio Assault Mix show is back this week, and we're gonna be all over the place with it....livestreaming simultaneously on Caffeine, Twitch, DLive, Twitter, Trovo, & Afreeca (phew! that's alot!) Just look for "DJ Split Image" on any of those platforms or click the links. You can also just keep it simple and grab the Firing Squad Network app and check me out there. Either way, we're gonna be bringing the club to you and it's gonna be a hell of a time.

OH! And did you know that you can request songs directly to me? I may not see the chat all the time so if you want to request a song, then just go to and you can send your message directly to me, I'll see it right on my computer and work it into my set as best as I can (NO PROMISES SO IT BETTER BE GOOD!). This is going to be a thing everywhere I go, so make use to the fullest if you really got a song that you want to hear!!

Speaking of where I'm going? This week I'll be online doing the usual with Audio Assault, but next week I'll be at SUNY Cortland, which is part of a double-header! Saturday, August 27th (obviously no mix show that weekend) I'll be there for a Welcome Back Cookout, then September 2nd I'm back on campus causing havoc again! If you're around, come say what's up!

That's it for updates right now....though I am trying to plan something big for next summer since it'll be my 30th Anniversary as a DJ (I don't get old, I get better lol) stay tuned for those developments also.

Ya boy,

DJ Split Image

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