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What's Next?

So we're winding down the summer season, school is coming back into session, and more opportunities for me to flex on these college campuses. The next two weeks, I'll be on the campus of SUNY Cortland for two events to welcome new and returning students.

I'll be working on trying to get more photos and videos of my events, but, if anyone is at these events at SUNY Cortland for the next two weeks and wants to tag me in some stuff, all my social media is at the bottom of the homepage so you can hit me up via any of those networks.

Next Saturday there won't be an Audio Assault Mix Show however it will return September 3rd. Make sure to follow me on Twitch or Caffeine. Just look for "DJ Split Image" on either site and subscribe so you can get notifications.

We'll be planning some more club dates soon, and working on sorting out some other business related things.

More to come, stay tuned! It may be getting cooler, but I'm still setting fires all around for the rest of the year!

Ya boy,

DJ Split Image

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