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You call her Stephanie....I call her (insert crowd response here)!

Yep, we doing it again, tomorrow night (12/16) we going BACK to The Range, located at 119 E. State St., 2nd Floor, this time for a fire Ladies Night that I like to call "Slay Belles". All you Belles (ladies) come out ready to SLAY! Doors open @ 9pm, $5 admission, 21+

The next event @ The Range is already set also, details on that will drop on MONDAY 12/19!!

Last but not least, of course we got the Audio Assault Mix Show happening Saturday night from 7pm-9pm where we get our Pre-Game on before another night of friends & f#*$ery!!! Tune in live either on my TWITCH or CAFFEINE channels (I recommend Caffeine for the quality of the stream, but I also recommend Twitch if your connection ain't the greatest)

Make sure you follow my social media (especially my TikTok, I'm trying to get above 1,000 so I can livestream on there) everything is @DJSplitImage or join my facebook page @TheRealDJSplitImage!!

Til next post!

Ya boy,

DJ Split Image

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