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We got some thiiiiiings.....goin' ooooooonnnn!

Had to throw in some old school soul there....Me & Mrs. Jones for those who don't know....

I'm feeling good as we got some things going on through the end of the year!

So here's the quick run down:

Monday - Friday - New Livestreaming show called "Lunch'n'Punch" which airs on 4 different platforms Caffeine, Twitch, Youtube & Facebook. Hit any of the links to pull up your preferred streaming site and follow me there. I try to make it make it at a regular time (around 1:30pm EST) but of course since this is happening during my work day, sometimes I don't get to go to lunch at the same time every day. Use the notification options in any of those platforms

Every Saturday (except for special events) 7:30pm-9pm EST - The Infamous Audio Assault Mix Show is live and direct with me mixing the hottest songs and music videos from Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggaeton, & MUCH MORE! Watch it LIVE on my Twitch & Caffeine channels.

Saturday Nov. 26th - DJ Split Image takes over "The Range". Check out the flyer below for more information

Friday, December 16th - Back at "The Range" again....."SLAY BELLES" Ladies Night....more info coming soon!!

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